I have got questions

I have got questions about how the world is structured. I find myself asking myself these kinds of questions;

  1. What is poverty? Who defines that? Is ignorance a form of poverty? If yes, why is it not talked about as much as economic poverty? (I mean the kind of ignorance that is manifested, for example, when you tell someone you are from Kenya and they ask you “Is that in A-F-R-I-C-A?”) :)!
  2. What is development? What does that entail? Is there a series of steps that you have to move through in order to be “developed” as a country? Can you skip some steps? Are there many ways through which “development” can be attained? How do you know if you have attained “development”? Is there some kind of “certification” you get?

IMG_79733. What is a developed country? Yes, who defines that? Can’t each country be developed in some aspects and underdeveloped in others?

4.If you are a “developed” country do you stop developing at some point or do you continue developing exponentially? How do you know when to stop (should that be desirable)?

Ruma pictures (1)5. Is there such a thing as an overdeveloped country? Is that a good thing for the planet?

6. Do we foresee a situation whereby all the countries in this world will be “developed”?

7. If yes, can the planet sustain this form of existence?

Suba project from Lorna 0818. Why is it that we normalize describing countries by their markers of disadvantage i.e. developing, low income, least developed countries?

9. Why is there so much inequality in this world and why does it keep getting worse?

10. Is there a way of “developing” without exploiting other people?

Malawi survey and documentation-April 2012(71)

 Answers and or thoughts or other questions  are very much welcome in the comments.

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