Lions on the loose in Nairobi: Kenyan reactions

Nairobi, Kenya is home to the Nairobi National Park, and aptly named ‘the world’s wildlife capital’ – the only city in the world that has a National Park.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Six lions stray from the Park into the adjacent, Langata neighbourhood.  The Kenya Wildlife Service send out a message asking any one who has spotted the lions to call a toll free no. Kenyans get online and after a few minutes hilarious posts and memes start circulating.

I think Kenyans are the most hilarious and creative people on the planet. Here is a list of some of those rib crackers.

  1. With the caption “Seen near Simba Saloon”. Simba Saloon is a restaurant. Simba =lion in Swahili


2. I think this one is self explanatory


3. Tourism


4. Drunk lion. 1824  is the name of a bar


5.  Calendar/Photographed lion


6. Borrowed from Zimbabwe



7. Corporate and other organizations jumped on to the frenzy to promote their products or services


8. This  promotes a local show which showcases Kenya’s wildlife. Translation of Swahili text: Do not pressure us, we have gone for the rehearsal for  NTV wild(name of show) tomorrow.


9. And more hilarious stuff here Lions on the loose in Nairobi

NB. The lions have since been found and returned to the Park :)!