Field Marshall Muthoni, the woman.


When a human being spends eleven years of their lives in the forest, braving the elements and using their bodies to physically fight for the freedom of a nation, you know that this person is a real badass. Especially when she is the only woman to have been given the title Field Marshall. So when you sit at the feet of this warrior, who Dedan Kimathi called the Weaver Bird because of her ability to weave brilliant strategy, you expect the ferocity that stares out from her unflinching steely eyes.

But nothing prepares you for how funny Field Marshall Muthoni is.

It begins with Ngartia’s hair. Before we’ve taken our first sip of the sweet milky chai, she has already thrown shade at the blonde dreads that skulk across one side of his scalp. Only when she chuckles do we allow our own nervous giggles to escape. This isn’t quite…

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