Activists and Communities Vs. Mainstream Conservation Myths

“Conservation is compassion.” Absolutely. I would add that conservation is about livelihoods. It is about survival. It is a matter of life and death. Who can live without water? That is a conservation issue.

Reclaim Conservation

There are myriad definitions of the term “environmental conservation” and hundreds of ideologies and methods being utilised worldwide in an attempt to conserve habitats and biodiversity. At present, what is clear is that conservation efforts as a whole are failing. While  large-scale financial investments in worldwide conservation efforts is increasing, positive results from these investments remains to be seen. Indeed, the species extinction crisis, destruction of habitat and climate change continue unabated and pose increasingly severe threats to the natural world.

Mainstream conservation institutions (large, international non-governmental organizations – NGOs) are increasingly modelling themselves and relying upon commercial businesses. Being part of the dominant economic establishment positions these NGOs as conflicted in their ability and desire to take effective action against the root cause of environmental degradation which unarguably stems from uncontrolled capitalist exploitation, corruption, broken nation states and a burgeoning world leadership crisis. These large NGOs cannot challenge the…

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