Conservation Exposed

Reclaim Conservation

Conservation is failing worldwide!

Big international NGOs (BINGOs) spend increasing amounts of money on conservation initiatives that often do not have a direct effect on forest and species conservation or, in other cases, create antagonism and even retaliation from the local population. They present to the public varying narratives, some being doom-and-gloom situations focusing on mass extinctions and others are phenomenal conservation successes led by these same NGOs. Both of these narratives ignore the contradictions and challenges of conservation interventions and avoid any type of explanation as to why so many phenomenal successes add up to such devastating results.  

Smaller, national NGOs inevitably engage in perpetual competitions over branding and minimal, sporadic funds that trickle down from international organizations. Petty rivalries and the need to constantly produce rapid success stories for their funders make them unable to cooperate or to create  real, long term positive conservation change.

Neoliberal doctrines…

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